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About us

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About Us

 About Us

The Candy Emporium has been in Nashville, Indiana since 1996.  Candy is of course, our main offering -- with Fine Chocolates, Chocolate covered Fruits and Nuts, Cordials -- the kind with the liquid center, delicious Truffles, loads of Gummies, Jelly Belly items, Licorice, Plyley's Hard Candies, Old Fashioned Candies -- like Zots and Wax Bottles, and Imported Candy Bars & Cookies.  We also have a Kids Corner -- which is stocked full of candy kids of all ages love.

We do, however, include a wonderful selection of Loose Tea, Teabags, Teapots, Mugs, Tea Accessories, Greeting Cards, Tea Cards, and about anything else we happen to decide we like and that you might like too.  That is one of the coolest things about our shop.  You never really know what you will find!

We think our Staff is the Best!  They are friendly, very helpful, and are well informed about our shop and our town.  They will go the extra mile to help you find the candy you are looking for -- whether we have it in stock, have to order it for you, or another shop in town has it available.

If you are in the area, stop in -- it's fun!


The Candy Emporium Family:

Jeri, The Owner

Donita, The Manager  AKA, The Boss

Betty, The Mom

Kaori, The #1 Sales Associate - has been with us since about 2001

Heather, #2 Sales Associate -- one of the happiest people I know

Rachel, #2 Sales Associate -- the artist

Emily, #2 Sales Associate -- loves to work with the Loose Tea

Kaitlyn, Doesn’t really work here -- But she thinks she does -- and we Love that!

Jadan, Doesn’t really work here, either -- but he helps us tremendously!