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Jasmine with Flowers Green Loose Tea

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jasmine with flowers green
Jasmine with Flowers Green Loose Tea

Jasmine with flowers Green Loose Tea.  Jasmine tea is one of the most pleasant tasting green teas available on the market. On the nose the dry tea has a floral bouquet, which literally causes your senses to come alive with pleasant thoughts. The flavor is enhanced with the addition of jasmine blossoms. There are many different grades of jasmine tea -- this particular grade is the first grade below the exotic jasmines. It has all the flavor, aroma and good green tea qualities but not the exorbitant price. In China they declare this jasmine tea as Jasmine #1.      4oz (50-60 cups)  

Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Jasmine blossoms. 
Tea From: China
Region: Fujian Province
Antioxidant Level: High
Caffeine Content: Low